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Kitri Ballet - Work In Progress


Collaborative project with a motion capture director and a local ballet studio in Orlando, FL. For this particular project, we really wanted to use finger markers to try and capture the true essence of the dance. The current video is with some clean up completed.

"Kitri" - Polish First Pass

Responsible for all aspects, except model.

Model used is from

"Kitri" - In Studio Footage

Captured in a 37 Vicon Camera Volume at Studio 500 in Orlando, FL


During Session Responsibilites:

  • Marker and callibrate actors

  • Marker and callibrate props

  • Operate Vicon Blade System  



Session Director: Kenny Baker

Clean Blade Data

Full ballet choreography after I finished solving the data, fixing any pops or flickers. 


Software: Vicon Blade 2.6.1


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